Skills, Knowledge and Experience of Canadians  



The human capital initiative is based on the idea that many Canadians possess knowledge, skills and experiences beyond what is taught in post-secondary institutes. Yet such human capital goes unrecognised or documented. The goal of the Human Capital Initiative is to recognise this knowledge and assist people in earning credentials, taking this knowledge into account.

The BCIT SITE Centre uses the Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (APPL) method to create personalized education pathways.

The APPL is an innovative approach to translating experience into course credits and education equivalencies. This model builds on the assumption that “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts“. APPL relies on traditional course-by-course equivalency of the Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) as well as assessing for direct placement into an upper level of a BCIT program.

APPL evaluates an individual’s combined:

• Workplace training
• Experience (employment, volunteer work, etc.)
• Previous education

APPL has been applied to:

  • Canadian Forces members and veterans
  • First Responders
  • Mature students
  • Foreign credential recognition


APPL projects at the BCIT SITE Centre has received support and funding from Employment and Social Development Canada and the Royal Canadian Legion (BC/Yukon Command)


The National Advanced Placement and Prior Learning (N-APPL) project will evaluate and recognize the skills and expertise of former and current members of the Canadian Military. This project will provide a National APPL capability, based on the present BCIT APPL process, by developing and linking the program model with Partner School Institutes across Canada.


N-APPL expands on the present APPL process to include the School of Energy, Construction and the Environment, and Health Sciences. This dynamic application will assist post-secondary institutions to be proactive and effective when advising a soldier or veteran on educational paths with the goal of launching the individual into a civilian career.


Funded by the Ministry of Employment and Social Development Canada

CareerBuild provides current labour market statistics and trends about various occupations linked to educational programs in order to assist you in decision-making.

Use Careerbuild to learn about occupations in BC and Canada as well as the education programs that lead to those occupations. Alternatively, use Careerbuild to learn about education programs and their links to occupations and careers.